Upload multiple images and Videos with Imageshack Image uploader

Imageshack is one of the most popular Image Hosting service on web. I always wondered to have a standalone desktop application to upload bulk images onto my imageshack album. It may be useful for you while uploading multiple images on imageshack.us via Imageshack image uploader.

The application consists of a single window where you enter the user name and password for the online service. There is ample space on the left side where you can drag and drop all image and video files they want to be uploaded. For each, you can choose whether it will be public or private labels that describe and size that will be resized automatically if its a photo.

imageshack image uploader

So, if you have account on Imageshack, its now more easy to upload Videos and images on Imageshack.us The wizard can be downloaded from the official page, where you can find the version for Mac, Windows and Ubuntu.

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