iMindMap 5 Ultimate- Mind Mapping Software Review and Free Serial Number

Mind Maps are graphical representation of our ideas and tasks around a central Keyword (idea). They can be used for generating and capturing ideas, planning events as well taking notes in a more visual interface. iMindMap by ThinkBuzan is quite a popular software in market to do that and rated at par by many reliable sources.

What is mind map?

Basically, Mind Map is a visual representation of How our brain thinks and remembers about certain thing. Mind Mapping is a powerful technique allowing you to make the best use of your brain power. Central Idea is branched out with various related tasks and things around it helping you convert random thoughts in linear way and coming to some conclusion.

iMindMap 5 Review

To whom is it useful?

In one word– Anyone to solve a problem, make decisions, organize thoughts clearly or simply remember things in visual way.
For example: Students who want to memorize certain topic, take notes or have a presentation to express and communicate better. Business Personnel who are planning out a meeting or new project. Individuals for Goal Setting, Career selection and many questions and tasks in life.

iMindMap 5 Ultimate Review

iMindMap 5 is a latest version which comes bundled with many new features and revamped interface to suit both Windows and Mac users. To be true, I used any Mind Mapping software for the first time. Looking at the features provided by iMindMap 5 like 3D Presentations, MultiMaps, and many others, its stands out from others in Market.


They have customized interface for Mac and Windows PC users. On Windows, we have a Ribbon interface similar to MS Office products which is quite convenient. There are inbuilt templates of Mind Maps to start modifying one according to needs. Working out and creating mind is easy even for beginner with rich visual interface.

iMindMap 5 Review

Each and every element right from Central Idea to Branch and Nodes can have different color and icons. Just hover on any element and circle appears from where you can create new node.

Another impressive addition in this version is Smart Layout which smoothly space your branches out for you, so you can focus on getting down ideas and your map will stay organised.

3D Presentation

Presentation view in 3D is marvelous. Branch appears one after another as you go on mouse clicking with smooth zoom and pan animation effects. This can guarantee a good impression on your audience.

Image Library

It has a huge library of images though only few are of high quality which can be embedded in our mind maps for better feel. Icons are classified in categories which makes searching and adding them to mind map easy.


iMindMap is the only software providing this feature to link more than one central idea in one workspace. This is useful when you are working out on a topic with number of sub heads to be covered.

Online Access

This feature lets you collaborate on maps online with colleagues or friends in real time. Also, makes it possible to access maps anywhere anytime and you can use it as backup of desktop version.

iMindMap Ultimate comes with 12 months of free subscription of online version and you need ThinkBuzan account to use it.

Embedding SpreadSheet

This is another cool feature especially for business users who want to embed small spreadsheets about certain branch inside Mind Map. Just Right click and Insert > Spreadsheet to get a small spreadsheet which will be displayed just behind the branch.

Import and Export of Mind Map

iMindMap 5 can now import native maps from MindManager, Novamind and Freemind – with no file converting or fiddling around.

Mind Maps can be exported in PDF, Image, Presentation, Spreadsheet or use the new Pack and Go feature which zips up your map with all of its attached files into a folder so that you can send it in one tidy package.


iMindMap 5 Ultimate is easy to use feature rich tool with nice visual implements. Being a first timer to use any Mind Mapping software, I found it great tool storming out creativeness in you. Give it a try and You’ll definitely see and be surprised by the difference it makes!

iMindMap 5 Ultimate Serial Numbers

I will be giving out two iMindMap 5 Ultimate Serial Numbers to readers who share this article on Facebook. To participate, Share this  article on Facebook and write your views about the product including Facebook Profile URL. Winner will be randomly selected and declared on 25th May 2011.

Download Trial version of iMindMap 5 Ultimate for 7 days and write your views about the product in comments to increase chances of winning a free copy.

For others, you can try out iMindMap 5 Basic version which is free forever and good for beginners though it doesn’t have all features mentioned above.

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Ted - May 17, 2011

Great article, thanks!

bnial - June 27, 2011

Give me iMindMap Ultimate 5 SerialNumber!!

wiji hatmoko - September 16, 2011

Dear Admin…
I’m sorry, maybe I’m late about view your article… but I have share this article to facebook. So could I have chance to get serialnumber

Liam Hughes - November 2, 2011

Great review of iMindmap – it really is a great piece of software! iMindmap is now fully supported on the mind map library at which means you can upload and download iMindmap files to and from the library. There are already hundreds of maps and templates available to view and download for free, so we hope you might join us and share some of your own!

Arif - May 16, 2012

What a great article..i’d been using this software since I was entering Hasanuddin University and it’s cool.


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