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Improve overall Performance of Android | 1 Click Android System Tweaks

We all want our device at the highest possible speed. Performing basic tasks on Android Smartphone and you feel like system is dragging and isn’t giving desired performance then possibly settings can be tweaked with use of a tool.

Android Assistant offers the ability to access 15 major functions easily and can set most of them and thus ensuring accelerate the performance of Android in seconds.

Let’s review a little each of them:

  • Status Monitor: Displays real-time usage of CPU, memory and battery status, obtaining complete information on our device.
  • Process Manager: A list of all applications are running and using memory. From here we can conclude that we are not using.
  • Cache cleaner: Manager to delete all unnecessary files freeing up more space.
  • Cleaning the system: In this case, delete your browser history, Market, Gmail, Google Earth and other elements typically that store information.
  • Battery saving settings: The usual options to enable or disable Bluetooth, WiFi, GPS, syncing, screen orientation, brightness and timeout screen.
  • Login Manager: Eliminates the automatic startup of some applications when the phone boots.
  • Uninstalling: A quick and easy way to uninstall the tools that we use.
  • Battery Usage: Monitor running processes and use the battery to eliminate those who consume too much and not being used.
  • Volume Control: Controls the volume level of all sounds.
  • Ringer: Fast access to change the phone ring.
  • Start time: Information with the exact time of boot.
  • Startup Silent: Eliminate startup sounds on and off.
  • Information System: Basic facts about hardware.
  • Widget: Activates the widget of the application for faster access.

Usually one tends to have installed several applications that cover most of these tasks, but if you are one of those who want total control and want to know all the information in single app, you may Android Assistant to solve everything in one step.

Android Assistant – Size: 720k – Download

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