Increase Gmail Attachment Size By Syncing With Cloud Storage

On Gmail, you can send maximum size of 25MB file as attachment. In case, you want to send really big archive of photos or a video/movie to family member or friend, it becomes restriction. Here’s how you can increase Gmail Attachment size by integrating Cloud storage. brings all your content from cloud storage folder like Dropbox, Box, SkyDrive and Google Drive to Gmail. It makes possible to send Gmail attachments to Cloud Folder without downloading on computer.

Not just download but it also makes it possible to send file attachments to email recipient right from Cloud folder. In this way, the file size restriction of Email service (maximum 25MB in Gmail) is overridden.

Yes, it possible to send File of even 1GB as Gmail attachment thanks to

How to Increase Gmail Attachment Size

  1. Download Addon/Extension for Firefox / Chrome.
  2. You will have to authorize this service to access Gmail account. Do not worry about your password as they are not stored and bank level encryption is implemented. authorization
  3. Once Gmail authorization is done, you have to choose from Cloud services to integrate which further requires authorization.
    cloud storage authorization in Gmail
  4. After successful integration of cloud account, you will be able to send attachments from those folder and also save file attachments there.

How To Send Big File Attachment From Gmail

I assume that you have an account on any of the Cloud service: Box, Dropbox, Google Drive or Skydrive. And files to be shared is saved on these cloud storage.

From now on, whenever you compose new email, you will notice “Share From Skydrive” button. (Skydrive in my case but can differ in your case according to cloud folder you choose)

share from cloud storage in gmail

Instead of clicking on “Attach File”, click on Share From button which opens dialog box showing files from cloud folder. Choose file and click insert.

File from cloud storage is now added and link to that attachment is in email content.

How To Save Email attachments to Cloud Storage

Whenever an email arrives with attachment in inbox, detects automatically and shown on right sidebar. Click on “Send to” button and cloud folder will open in new dialog box. Select folder to save this file in cloud.

send gmail attachment to cloud

How To Automate Saving Email Attachments To Cloud Storage

If you want to save all Telephone bills received in email every month to a specific folder in Cloud storage. Then, it can be easiy configured using a feature called Automatic Filing rule. Paper clip button at the top offers an option of “Automatic Filing rules”.

You can set “Which Type of File” received “From Whom” to be sent in “Which Folder” of “Which Cloud Storage”.

[alert-note] Connect Multiple Cloud Storage To make Big Space and Manage from One window [/alert-note]

Bottomline hence can be used to manage Cloud Storage from Gmail account and not just increasing Gmail attachment size. If you find this solution lengthy then go for free services to share large files over web without registration.

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srinusmart - September 12, 2012

Thanks man, well i tried a lot of ways to send large content. But this is good..

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Nice…let me try this:)


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