How to Install and change Lockscreen Themes on Android without Flashing

After Homescreen themes, Custom Lockscreens are considered as novelty on Android phones. Custom ROMs do come with inbuilt Lockscreens but they are limited. If you want to install new then it is to be Flashed via CWM but still have very less variety. Here’s how you can install Lockscreens on Android without flashing.

Flashable Lockscreens even are restricted to only particular Firmware version and flashing every time isn’t good option to install new Lockscreen. Fortunately, there is an app for that called MagicLocker which lets you select and change Lockscreen with various styles and Wallpapers.

MagicLocker is an app which offers users a choice to choose from beautiful and colorful Lockscreen themes (some free and even Paid ones). I tested out some lockscreens and some free ones namely Steve Jobs and HTC Sense 3 were really soothing.

Steve Jobs theme is similar to iPhone lockscreen with Steve’s wallpaper. While HTC Sense is awesome with 4 menu options right on lockscreen so that you can open certain app by moving the circle around.

At the moment, there are 12 themes to choose from in Android Market but soon, as it popularizes, we will experience more free lockscreen themes. These themes are accessible from inside the app by clicking on More Themes.

As far as I know, MIUI ROM only supports changeable Lockscreen natively. And this app is really a great for changing Lockscreen easily and give custom look to your Android smartphone. So, you get an MIUI ROM feature without flashing Cyanogen or any custom ROM.

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