Install SGS-2 i9100 ROM on Galaxy S1 i9000 – Hawkish Premium

Samsung Galaxy S2 interface is somewhat revamped and has TouchWiz 4 Launcher. Not just visually but you can notice changes in various apps like Camera, Messages, etc. Hawkish ROM is an attempt to port SGS 2 ROM to Galaxy S 1 i9000.

This tutorial considers the latest release (4 RC2 based on 2.3.5 XXJVS) at the time of writing this article. Future releases may bring more development in Hawkish ROM but the procedure will remain somewhat same. Only change will be in the version of file you flash.


You need following things

  1. Android 2.3.5 – I9000XXJVS Download (Password – )
  2. Odin 3.7 – Download
  3. Chainfire Kernel – Download
  4. Hawkish Premium 4 ROM – Download (Choose the recent release)

Install Android 2.3.5 XXJVS on Galaxy S

  1. Extract the Downloaded RAR but keep the TAR files inside as it is. Do not extract TAR files.
  2. Open Odin and Browse Files in following order:
    PIT – s1_odin_20100512.pit
    PDA – CODE_I9000XXJVS_CL565837_REV03_user_low_ship.tar
    Phone – MODEM_I9000XXJVS_REV_00_CL1059471.tar
    Check Repartition
  3. Put the phone in Download Mode ad connect via USB.
    Turn Off. Press Vol DOWN+Home+ Power button till Samsung Logo appears.
  4. Device is detected by Odin in download mode and shows COM port. Press START and flashing is started.
  5. Phone will automatically reboot and you may have to confirm Google Account password associated with Device when asked to confirm password just on boot screen.
  6. Installation will continue and after one more boot, you are on XXJVS.

Flash Chainfire’s Kernel on Galaxy S

  1. Open Odin > Put Phone to Download Mode and connect via USB.
  2. Select PDA as CF-Root-XX_OXA_JVS-v4.1-CWM3RFS.tar
  3. Make sure “Repartition is UNCHECKED” this time.
  4. Press start to begin flashing.

Phone reboots and now you will notice, it is rooted and has CWM installed.

We are ready to install Hawkish SGS 2 Port on Galaxy S i9000 (finally)

Install SGS-2 Port ROM on Galaxy S i9000

  1. Copy the ROM file to root of SD Card
  2. Open CWM which is available and select Boot into Recovery Mode.
    You can do it manually too – Vol UP + Home + Power till Samsung Logo appears.
  3. Install from ZIP and point to the file that we copied to SDCard root.
  4. Select Yes to confirm and you are ready to flash ROM.

Wait, before you start complaining about Force Closes and issues, apply the fixes given below.

Flash Galaxy S Settings

This is necessary because SGS 2 settings contains some elements which aren’t available in Galaxy S 1 i9000. For example Motion control. So, we should flash older settings to avoid Force Close.

Download Settings and flash it via CWM Recovery

Force Close and Dialer Fix on Hawkish

Put the phone in Airplane Mode. Go to Settings, Disable Touch Tone on Dialpad. It fixes Dialer issue.

To fix Contacts, Flash Contacts and then clear Cache via CWM Recovery itself.

Finally, you are done porting SGS 2 ROM to your Galaxy S 1. Stay tuned with latest release and updates on Official thread on XDA.

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