9 Interactive Video Games to Play on Youtube

Youtube provides hours of entertainment with millions of videos. But to make matters worse for a while, there are so-called “interactive videos“, which increases the creative possibilities for users.

The interactive video are nothing more than an ingenious form of combining motion pictures with annotations on YouTube. This allows you to choose from virtual menus and clicking on one of them, will load the video that corresponds to your choice.

Here is a compilation of the best interactive video Games on YouTube.

1. YouTube Street Fighter

If you love hard hitting, YouTube Street Fighter will allow you to vent your aggression. The video quality is very high and the options are many.

2. Chris Brown Punch Out

If the video above has not sated your appetite for violence, you can continue with Chris Brown Punch Out. You can launch any type of object and the goal is to prevent back Chris with Rihanna!

3. Dress Us!

The following images of the two girls do not know what to wear and that is why I ask your help. You will have to choose what to wear them playing Dress Us !

4. Dress my Christmas Kitty

If you have to wear clothes of comely maidens you do not like that much, you can at least try to dress a beautiful cat with Dress my Christmas Kitty . But the options available are not that many … for the happiness of the cat!

5. Wiz Fiz Quiz

Wiz Fiz Quiz will test your knowledge on YouTube. There are only ten questions, all related with the famous video portal.

6. Find us

The objective of this Interactive game is to find certain people. But not as much fun as you might expect.

7. Interactive Hot Tub Girl

An interactive video much more interesting than the previous. Unfortunately, the options Interactive Hot tub Girl make no sense, as well as the reactions of the girl. You the audience get to choose our hero’s actions! Be sure to choose wisely or else its Game Over! Can you win?

8. Oscars Interactive Photo Challenge

Among the many games on YouTube, this one is to find difference between two images. In this interactive video, you must declare, before the time runs out, the discrepancies between the two images, all based on the 2009 Oscars.

9. A real game: Snake

If you think, non-interactive videos are for you, you can use YouTube to play Snake. To do this, you must pause playback of a video and press directional arrow keys for a couple of seconds. Snake magically appear on the movie you are viewing. Useful to break the hold during loading the chosen video. But remember that a hidden function is enabled only in the new YouTube player.

If you didn’t believe, YouTube could do this, check out some more useful and interesting things to do with YouTube.

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