Internet Explorer 8 final released

IE 8 logoAfter two months of release of its Release candidate 1, Microsoft has released this most awaited Internet Explorer 8 Final. It is now available for free public download.

Internet Explorer 8 brings several innovations compared to previous versions of the browser. Although, we still prefer other options such as Firefox or Opera. But I think, Microsoft has taken this issue seriously this time and worked hard this time on this version.

Integrated with WebSlicers and Accelerators, IE 8 will offer different Browsing experience.  Internet Explorer 8 is also equipped with private browsing mode and automatic disaster recovery. Although improved greatly in their versions 6 and 7, Internet Explorer 8 is still slow when compared to Firefox, Safari, Opera or Chrome. It is available in more than 25 languages and I would like you upgrade your IE and just give it a try.

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