It’s All Text!- Firefox Addon to Edit and Save Text input on Websites

After Commenting on an Article or filling a form on a web page, if Some error happens like loosing internet connectivity or accidentally closing the page, you will simply loose the text you have written. This will probably lead you to rewrite the whole text again. These problems can be solved by using a small firefox add-on It’s All Text.

This add-on helps you to integrate any text editor on your system, So now you can directly write on the web page or use your text editor.

Configuring the Add-on

You can select the editor of your choice and configure other options like refreshing time of text, change character set, add file extensions. the position where you want the edit button to appear can be selected from the given positions and also the duration of time the button will be visible. If you want you can also set Hot key.

Using the Add-on

Using this add-on is very simple once you have configured it properly. If it is enabled, you will see the edit button appear whenever you scroll your mouse over any text area . When you do this for the first time it will ask for configuration which can be done as told above. Once you have configured the add-on, clicking on the edit button will automatically bring up the text editor you have specified.

After finishing the text you had to write click on the save button present on the text editor and the text will be automatically put into the text area of the web page.

Get It’s All Text add-on.

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