Join files from Right Click Context menu on Windows easily

One always had a need to join Files which he may have download in several parts (Movies generally come in form .001 and do on) So, HJ Split is commonly used option but here is a software called JoinEXT which can do it more easily simply by right clicking on files to join.

Once installed the application, which is actually a plugin for Windows Explorer, you only have to select files as usual (one by one, with Ctrl + mouse click, or several with Shift + mouse click) and then click the right mouse button to select “Join Files“.

Join Files from right click

In doing so we will be taken to a dialogue in which we can specify the order of the files that are going to join, something that can be of much use if for example we want to do is create a single mp3 which consists of several songs. Then we just specify the destination folder and file name that we have, and click “Next” will begin the task of uniting them.

Join Files on Right click

As we see, JoinEXT is an application that will allow us to easily merge several files. This is a fairly quick profit (its developer says is able to bring together more than 200 MB of files in a few seconds), and compatible with Windows 7, Vista and XP.

Download JoinEXT (53KB)

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