KDE for Windows – Kool Desktop Environment

KDE refers to Kool Desktop environment generally seen in GNOME and other Linux Windows managers. It allows to move a window, resize it from anywhere inside the window.

The KDE Mover-Sizer is a background application that emulates the behaviour of KDE, which is a rather good Linux desktop environment. This feature is very helpful in netbooks and laptops with screens smaller than 14 inches, where desktop space is not so great and any help is appreciated. KDE-Sizer Mover can move any window just by pressing the Alt key and click anywhere on it.

KDE Mover Sizer for Windows

KDE Mover Sizer for Windows

The second, the desktop sticky edges, it is perhaps more useful for large screens (17 inches or more) that leave us as a wide enough space to the sides. Since KDE Move-Sizer allows us to move windows easily and quickly toward the edge of the screen, where they remain fully visible while leaving the main window, on which we are working in the center of the scene.

Based on AutoHotKey, KDE Move-Sizer is a freeware application that remains in the background, ready for when we do operations on any window, and took no more than 5 MB of RAM.

Download KDE Mover Sizer

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Nihar - August 5, 2009

Great find.

Thanks. will install this and see how the desktop looks

    Matthias - May 16, 2013

    Just to clarify this – the KDE Mover-Sizer tool does not change anything how MS Windows looks like.

    It just brings the behaviour of how windows in KDE can be moved and resized through mouse- and keyboard shortcuts to MS Windows.


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