Keep track Of People accessing your Shared Files and Folders

Being on a local area network it is normal to share many files and folders to users on the network. But it is very important to keep track of those files by people, this can be done with help of ShareWatcher.

auto lan file update

Share watcher is a small freeware that lets you monitor your network for people who are accessing or coping your shared files. It also lets you monitor files that are being added by people in the network, this function is rather more helpful because you do not have to search whole local area network every time to get new shares from your friends.

Setting up ShareWatcher is easy and simple. Settings here are categorized into file handling, behavior, connectivity. You can setup notification styles and folders to watch and notify on the network. It stays in the system tray and keeps you notified about the activities you have set to know.

My Verdict: This application is particularly very helpful for people who are in constant access of a local area network and need to search the whole network frequently for shared music movies and series. It will save lot of searching time by bringing new updates to you and keeping track of your shared files.

Download: ShareWatcher

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