Test the speed of LAN connection

With the tools that we have today, creating LAN is very easy. A LAN is a network that are connected to a different number of computers, so you can share folders, printers and connect to the Internet.

As with all the connections in a network, it can also have dip in performance or speed, so if you think that the transmission of data in your LAN is slow, we can start a test that will play just this task, namely to detect the speed of LAN, and then verify whether everything is okay.

LAN Speed Test Tool

LAN Speed Test Tool

LAN speed test is free and compatible with all Microsoft operating systems, including Windows 7, also does not require installation, so it’s good to keep in the collection of our programs on pendrive.

Once initiated LAN Speed Test will display name and IP address associated with the PC. To start the test, click on “Start” button and select a folder within a top computer connected to the network, then select the file size in megabytes, and press “OK” to start the test.

At this point it begins to transfer the file to the target location, at the end displays the results obtained or show the speed in reading and writing files, and network speed in Bytes, Bits and MB per second. So pressing the button “print results” we can print the results.

Download LAN speed Test Tool

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