GrooveWalrus Music Player can play Songs from and Grooveshark

It Seems Today, that online music streaming trend is becoming increasingly popular and That is why I am sharing an application that exploits the Service Offered by famous Grooveshark.

The software I am talking about is Called GrooveWalrus and that is a standalone music player offers support for the two Most popular online music services: and Grooveshark.

Grooveshark and Last FM Player

Although many users are able to maintain multiple profiles simultaneously active in more services, GrooveWalrus centralizes these functions in addition to a wide range of controls for playing media files.

The search for the flight of the audio tracks are perfectly integrated and that allows users to populate their own playlists quickly.

Thanks also to the ability to manage the system offered by scrobbling, GrooveWalrus does not limit the user account management and all functions related to it, including all the profile settings.

The application itself is fully extensible and is designed to use some interesting plug-ins such as Flash to play music from Dizzler and Grooveshark; “Lyrics” to see the lyrics while playing and the plugin Web Remote to allow control remotely via the web.

Also, you can add Local Music collection to the playlist and many more options to explore which you will discover upon installation.

Download GrooveWalrus for Windows and Linux

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