Lightweight PhotoShop like Image editor : FotoGrafix

Fotografix is a light weight photo editing software developed by L. Madhavan from India. Its a minimalistic photo manipulation program with all the necessary features you want, you can say the important ones or commonly used on Photoshop.

Iit has ability to create layers and edit them with all the necessary utilities. Includes filters, masks, gradients, macro, brushes, stamps and so on.

Being Light Weight (only 800KB after extracting), its executing time is less as compared to Photoshop and GIMP like softwares. It can handle most known image formats including PSD but cannot save in same extension. Instead, it will be saved as FGX format which is supported natively.


My Verdict : Surprisingly Loaded! You can do all your day to day editing jobs easily and efficiently. However, It cannot actually compete with the standards and advanced features of other commercial softwares but it’s a cool app and must have if you are going for portable option.

Download FotoGrafix

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Jovanny - November 20, 2009

Nice post, but I think that if you are looking for quality results, you need experts who know the ins and outs of it all.


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