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No matter what but MP3 Music download from internet is fun and we keep on finding ways to do it. I have many a times covered apps to download MP3 music including Groovedown from Grooveshark.

Here is another application called MusicFrost to download any MP3 songs then let it be English, Hindi, Telugu, Tamil or your regional music. Musicfrost indexes almost all popular music available on internet.

Hindi Mp3 downloader Musicfrost

One similar app I shared was Pirate which only allowed you to download the searched entity. Musicfrost however allows you to preview the song before download using its inbuilt media player.

Install the software and Just type the Album / Music / Artist / Song Name you want to download and results will be presented in the same window in seconds.

What more! You can download it on preferred directory location / copy direct MP3 download link / Buy the music from iTunes.

In the screenshot, you may have observed some other icons too on the interface reading, Audio grabber, Youtube downloader, Ringtone Editor, etc but unfortunately, they are available only for MusicFrost PRO users for which you have to pay them.

Overall, it’s just another free MP3 downloading  software with preview feature and I don’t think it is worth paying for other features as you can already have their alternatives.

Download MusicFrost

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Dj Tom - January 6, 2011

Great article helped me make my new rap beats, Thanks Tom

nitin - March 15, 2011

just downloaded must be good


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