maComfort: Get Mac OsX Environment In All Versions Of Windows

If you have Mac Osx theme installed to windows and wondering more about how to make your windows give more exact feeling of Mac, then maComfort add this up. It is a small application designed to provide the working environment of Mac like the key combination,theme scheme, virtual desktop etc. on Windows.

Features Of maComfort

Key Combinations

key combinations in macomfort

Here you can get key combinations same as in Mac.They can be activated by checking on appropriate boxes. The combinations given cannot be altered but you can assign keyboard shortcuts for volume control to keys of your choice.

Active Corners

This option lets you to determine an action that can be used when you take mouse cursor to either four corners of the screen. You can select among actions like turn off screen, shut down, standby etc, or select your own applications to be launched.

Virtual Desktop

Virtual desktop in windows

You can enable Spaces and have virtual desktops, in the free edition of this software only four virtual desktops are supported. To toggle through these desktops just press Ctrl+Right or Ctrl+Left. If you want to jump directly to a particular window press Ctrl+ number 1-4.

Quick View

This option helps you to get file details just by selecting the file and pressing Space Bar.

Changing Skin

macomfort skins

Change the theme according to your visual choice.

Add Plugins

macomfort plugins

There are a variety of plugin support to customize more.


The main screen consists of all the general settings. These are easy to configure and are self explanatory.

My Verdict

If you are in desperate need to get Mac feeling on your Windows or you are having dual operating system with Windows and Mac and get uncomfortable with Windows keys then this software is really helpful to make things easier for you.

Download: maComfort

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mehul - April 8, 2010

where is the link frm whr we can get key

    Rohit Langde - April 8, 2010

    Promotional offer article was published but it expired after Easter sunday.


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