Turn WordPress Blog into Membership Content Website with Magic Members

There are many CMS which allow User Profiles and Member registrations of various levels on site. These becomes necessity when your Blog grows and you prefer offering some section access and Download areas for Paid members only. So, it is possible to convert your WordPress installation into Membership site using a premium plugin called Magic Members.

For Whom?

Magic Members has an ability to make your WordPress blog a membership based site where User will have to register paying some fixed amount and then only they can access private areas or VIP section or Premium content on your blog while others will only see teasers or excerpts of the content. This features are useful for those who run Troubleshooting blog, Movie and Music content downloads or anything which a reader would willingly pay to get it.

With Magic Members, you can set various Levels of Memberships For example: Silver members will have access to specific content and Gold members will be able to browse and download content from all sections. In addition to the different levels of membership, you are also able to set different membership billing options with an unlimited amount of subscriptions. Whether you want to charge daily, weekly, monthly or even annually, you will have complete control in how your members pay for their subscriptions. In other words, it makes easy to control length of Membership according to they are charged.

Magic Members

Why Magic Members?

This plugin integrates with almost any WordPress theme easily. No coding skills are required as you get the simple and intuitive interface of Control panel which is custom built for Magic Members in the Dashboard of your WordPress. This makes Administration easy under one head. To further your flexibility you can set which page people are redirected to when they have logged in. You can have a look at their Demo site for Live experience.

For Payments: Magic Members seamlessly integrates with PayPal Standard, PayPal Pro, 2CheckOut, CCBill, ClickBank, Authorize.net, WorldPay, Epoch and Manual Pay.

Magic Members

Secure Content: This Plugin secures your content from unauthorized access. It means provide your members the ability to receive content through RSS feeds without worrying about non-members accessing it. Also, Protect downloads from being accessed by unauthorized members and guests by assigning permissions based on the different levels of access.

Is it Worth Buying?

Magic Members Plugin costs 97$ and if you have a great content or premium stuffs which you think can be used to make more money from your site than just Ad revenue then, this plugin can help you earn more dollars than you are investing. Amount is one time payment and you get free support from great team of developers.

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