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Awesome Trick to make collage of Photo on all over New Facebook Profile

With the launch of the all new Facebook profile some time back, the emphasis on photos can be seen. Now we can see all the photos you are tag in at the top, your details about that and the wall below this.

Thus you could see more and more photo on your profile page.

Make collage of picture from a photo on your Facebook Profile all made easy with help of Profile Maker a facebook app.

This was enough to spark an idea in minds of people who made “Profile Maker”. This app Tweaks a photo that u upload on it and give an awesome look to your profile.

Profile Maker lets you create a collage style Facebook profile by utilizing the new profile layout. Just upload your photo and adjust it and it will do the rest. It is free and easy and its one of the most interesting trick that I have notice lately.

Here is a sample of my Facebook Profile:

New Facebook profile artwork collage

How to create Collage Artwork on New Facebook Profile

  • Go to Profile Maker
  • Click on the “Upload Photo” button at the top left
  • Select a Picture you want
  • You can adjust the pic two ways
  • First you can zoom in and out from the “Zoom” slider at the top
  • Second you can drag it from any of the box where u can see the picture
  • Then when you ready and all set just click on “Create Profile” at top right
  • Now for the last step as it says there click on the “Go to Photos”
  • And Click on “Make this my Profile picture” at the bottom right

All done!! Enjoy!!!

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