Make High Quality Posters On A4 sheets with Easy Poster Printer

Making posters from images is a necessity that we get from time to time either for home, school, college or official work. There are many applications available for this purpose, even your printer may provide you with such softwares with its driver disk. But these softwares are either hard to use or provide less functionality with lack of user customization. Now you can get all these features with Easy Poster Printer.

It is small free software that can provide you with posters of any size upto 20×20 meters using A4 sheets, you can drag and drop images into it and start working. It allows active image preview and all basic image manipulation tools like flip, rotate etc. It also shows page numbers in which the image will be printed.

It supports popular image formats like BMP, GIF, JPG, PNG and standard printing formats ranging from A0 to B3 paper sizes or you can also add your own custom format. You can select color quality, portrait or landscape, dimension of image in millimeter, centimeter, inch, pages. You can even scale up or down images according to your need and setup your printer.

You can also select screen render quality to view poster in high quality. If you want to print the poster later, it can be saved on your hard disk for later access.

My Verdict

This is a good application for people who need to create quick posters. It works in all windows from Xp. If your printer service “print spooler” is disabled this application will not start. I was also getting a .Net error while minimizing this application in Windows7. Just click continue every time if you get this error.

Download: Easy Poster Printer

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