How To Make Money From Instagram Photos

Each one of us has that artistic bug inside us (atleast my social timeline says so) and Instagram compliments it. Simple photograph is turned into an artwork with magical effects so, how about making money from instagram photos. Not everyone but Professionals and Enthusiast can give it a try.

I will mention some services to monetize instagram photos and make some money out of your hobby, interest or whatever.

You will see that in this selection, there are two distinct types of services: 1. those who give us the ability to sell our pictures taken with Instagram in digital format (what we buy is the file for later use) and 2. those who print the photographs and allow us to sell in physical format.

1. Sell Instagram Photos as Canvas Print Art

make money instagram canvas photos falls within the service group who choose to turn our Instagram photos into works of art. Photos are printed on museum-quality canvas with a 1.5 inch-thick frame.

Once registered we have our own gallery that include photos we decide to sell. Prices are decided by the service that ranges from $39.95 for canvas of 12 “x12” up to $79.95 for a 20 “x20”. In order to get higher prices, photos should be eye-catching and attractive enough to be ported to a canvas.

Things to consider: the service is free to use, but for every sale takes 80% and the artist takes the remaining 20% (keep in mind that they take care of printing, packaging and shipping.

That means, in the case of a 12 “x12” canvas, Seller takes $8, but considering that all you have to do is take pictures with Instagram and put there. By the way, we must have PayPal account and payments are monthly or when you reach $100.


2. Make Money by Selling Instagram Digital Photos

make money from instagram photos

StockPhotoPants is in the business of Stock Photos who store photos in digital format and sell them. It is actually a portal to showcase your artwork and reach potential customers. They have an iPhone app too through which you can upload your photos to sell.

In Stockphotopants, the user sets the price of your pictures and also takes 100% of this amount. This is possible because the service is not free, but must pay an annual fee of $39. Yes, the seller receives payment immediately through PayPal. Here we don’t have to wait for month end or reach a certain amount.

Official WebsiteStockPhotoPants

3. Turn Instagram Photo to Frame, Greeting and Make Money

Make Money From Instagram Photo Selling

Instaprints offers something similar to what we find in That is, allowing this service to sell our Instagram photos in printed format. The difference is that, Instaprints is not limited to paintings but offer greater variety of products such as framed pictures in a handful of measures or greeting cards. Also noteworthy is the large amount of customization options for each product.

Operation at the time to sell your photos is too different from Here we set the amount you want to charge, but this adds to the base price which is set by Instaprints for each product. For example, if our base price for a 10″ x 10″ canvas print is $25 and you set your asking price to be $10 for that size, then the buyer will pay $35.

As payments are made by Paypal (and by Check for US only) on 15th of every month whatever the amount accumulated . If there is $5 then $5 will be transferred, no threshold amount limit.

Official WebsiteInstaprints

[alert-note] Do you know, it is possible to apply Instagram Effects on Photoshop on Computer. [/alert-note]

4. Sell Instagram Photos online to Make Money

make money instagram

It is a platform for selling and buying photos taken with Instagram.

Once you have linked your account, automatically your photographs will be uploaded from Instagram, and you will be able to select those photographs that you would like to sell at Plusgram. Remember that the minimum price is of $0.10 USD and there is no maximum selling price.

Official website-

Good Luck Making Money!

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mohanj - July 30, 2012

Really a nice tip to earn money from Instagram Photos.

Adam - August 29, 2012

Hi Rohit, Great Article and thanks for the plug!

Just a note to say has now made its Services FREE and will be relaunching the new app very soon. You can now signup to sell photos, illustrations, instagram photos and mobile pics for FREE. up to (1ooMb).

Happy photo selling peeps.


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