Make your Mouse Middle / Scroll Click more Useful with SmartXplore

Before I start I would like to ask the readers one simple question. Do you use your mouse’s  middle click button frequently? I suppose most of you will give a big nah and some of you may have forgotten its existence. Now with SmartXplore, a nifty program that modify your windows shell, you can give your mouse middle click all new features that will make your day-to-day computing job easy.

SmartXplore integrates features such as managing files & folders by grouping them, fast browsing through different folders using bookmarks of your frequently used folder, create new files/folders, copy content to clipboard, remote FTP server upload, take screen shot and lot more.

The program support add-ons feature  enabling user to add extra feature to SmartXplorer. You can download them from the program home page. All these add-ons are easy to understand and modify of you want any specific alteration to server your purpose.


List of options  SmartXplore will integrate in middle Click

  • Cluster
  • Command Prompt
  • Fast Browse
  • New File
  • New Folder
  • Upload selected to FTP
  • Clipboard
  • Info
    • Directory used space
    • Drive space
    • List files
  • Misc
    • Change Icon
    • Download URL to clipboard
    • Rename extension
    • Duplicate window
  • Capture screen
    • Print active area and save image here
    • Print monitor and save image here
    • Print region and save image here
    • Print whole screen and save image here

These are just the default options, you can integrate more options by installing there useful add-ons from the link belo


Once installed you can monitor its functionality from the system tray and directly download add-ons to serve your needs.

Download SmartXplore

Download SmartXplore Add-ons

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ecardlr - November 18, 2010

Oh wow, thanks a lot for this great application. We can make use of it for making the most of our middle mouse button

Nihar - November 18, 2010

Great find.

Thanks for sharing this. Will definately give it a try.


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