Make Windows 8 Bootable USB Pendrive easily with SBB Tool

Windows 8 Build 6.1.7850 was just leaked for download and now available on almost every torrent and file servers. If you have managed to get hands on it, you will definitely like to give it a try.

You can either use it with a virtual machine or install it separately on a disk partition. If you are using a virtual machine you will be able to use the iso file directly to install it. But if you plan to install it without using a virtual machine then the ISO  is needed to be burnt on a DVD.

If you do not want to waste a DVD for this Windows 8 release which is more or less similar to Windows 7, then you can boot it from pendrive. Methods used will be similar to the ones used earlier to make windows 7 pendrive bootable. If you find it difficult and want simpler tool then Windows 7 SBB Tool can be handy.

I tested SBB Tool in making Windows 8 M1 pendrive bootable and every thing went smooth. Basically the Milestone 1 is just a simple modification of Windows 7 and you may not find it worthy enough to waste time for.

Using Windows 7 SBB tool is extremely simple to use with only disadvantage that it cannot use iso files directly. You have to extract the ISO and point it to the application. Then you can select usb stick and sit back.

Although the tool was meant to be used for Windows 7 but it works seamlessly on Windows 8 installer too. Not just Milestone 1 but we expect all future versions including the Windows 8 Final build Bootable USB can be made using SBB tool.

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