Managing contacts on Twitter was never so easy

One of the hardest things to do on Twitter is to properly manage all your followers and those who you follow. As these numbers are increasing, the complexity to be able to know who you follow, who follows you and do repetitive tasks, it becomes really a torture. For example, if you have a company and suddenly decide to go the last 100 accounts that follow you, do it manually is extremely tedious.

I’ve tried various solutions and third party applications that help you with this, but until now had not found anything that I really like. Today I found, a wonderful tool to manage and obtain information from people connected to you in Twitter.


With ReFollow, you can:

  • Search that follow persons who have not sent a tweet at some time, useful to know who to follow is no longer active on Twitter.
  • Begin to follow entire groups of your followers.
  • Quickly view the details of all your followers and followed.
  • Sort your contacts based on over 30 different criteria: if you are, if you follow them, if you have them blocked, with photo, no photo and many others.
  • Lock and unlock people.
  • Begin to follow people who follow you, and you find the details interesting.
  • See the people you mentioned, but does not follow or follow you.
  • And many other options.

It’s amazing how many things you can do with this tool. A Swiss knife to manage to all the people and accounts that are related to you, in anyone of the forms in which it allows it to Twitter. I am sure you like it and find it useful Twitter tool.

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manisha - February 12, 2010

Lets see how it work..


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