Manage Facebook Photo Albums and Videos from Desktop

Uploading photos to Facebook account is a very common task in our daily schedule. For this we have to login from browser every time and perform the task. What if all these things i.e. uploading albums to your account and viewing friend’s album can be done from your desktop with few quick steps? Yes, it is possible with Bloom. It is a free and cross-platform desktop utility to give you ease of work and save your time.

Features Of Bloom

It is an easy to use application. You will be asked to your account as the application is started. When confirmed, it will open your Facebook account in it. There you will have various options to perform your task quickly.

View Friend’s album

To view your friend’s albums click on the friend tab, performing this action will bring up all friends in your profile on the left hand side with their status information. If you do not find a friend there, you can also search for his name. Double clicking on the friend profile will give you list of all albums and images uploaded by them.

Not only it shows the images but also the details of the album entered by them on right side beneath album. Double clicking on the image opens an editor, where you can add tags to friend’s images and save them on your hard disk for later reference or you can download whole album. You can also view photos and albums uploaded by you from the profile tab.

Uploading your images and videos

By clicking on album you will be able to create and albums to your profile. You can add every detail to your album like name, location, description, and its visibility. You can then select individual images in it and add caption to them. After you have finished press upload, and your work is finished. If you wish the created album can also be saved on your hard disk before uploading. Videos can be uploaded in the same way.


In general there is no need to change any settings if you are not facing any trouble. In case you want to change settings, go to preferences. The settings that will matter you the most is the photo settings as it decides image quality after resizing and display in thumbnail. You can also choose mode to describe your photos by enabling Exif information available in photos.

My Verdict

It is a useful application and is efficient as it is always better to use an uploader software than uploading from the browser itself.

Download: Bloom

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amozai - January 22, 2010

Thank you so much for sharing.I’ll definitely give it a try.

amozai - January 22, 2010

got this message immediately after launching, “could not find the main class: program will exit.

    Sourojit Nandi - January 22, 2010

    was the download successful? do you have java runtime installed..because I did not find any such trouble.

amozai - January 23, 2010

Let me try to download it again and install then I’ll let you know. Thanks a lot

amozai - January 23, 2010

Yes I installed the new version of java runtime but still got the same message.

    Sourojit Nandi - January 23, 2010

    Sorry to say but am not getting any trouble, so the installer is ok. May be there is some other problem in your system.


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