Mass Folder Creator to create Folders in Bulk instantly

Computers are made to make our work easy and we at Blogsolute, always try to bring out productive tools to make computing easier. Suppose, you want to create 25 Folders of different names then doing it one by one will take time and its a laborious job. So, Mass Folder Creator software can create any number of Folders of the names specified in Text document.

Text 2 Folders

Text2Folders is one such portable tool to create multiple Folders with the names specified in Text Document. Working is simple-  select the root Directory or where you want the new Folders to be created. Create a Text document with the names of folders one below the another and Click “Create Folders”.

Text to Folders

The results are instant, it will not even take a second after clicking button. It can be very helpful if you are re-arranging Music Albums according to Artist or Album name or Genre. Multiple Folders can be hence created easily if you are relocating files accordingly.

Download Text2Folders

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Shekhar Sahu - May 28, 2010

This is an awesome software, otherwise i would think of creating a batch file in dos 🙂

Danny Aston - November 28, 2010

Hero! Helped me a lot!!!

Darren Starr - February 11, 2011

My computer told me this contains spyware.

rick - March 23, 2011

Even with high speed cable and a new hp elite pc your site was so slow that I had to skip the text2foler download??? get a clue dude.

    Sourojit Nandi - March 23, 2011

    @Rick: The downloads are not hosted on our servers…

Sourojit Nandi - June 2, 2012

The downloaded file is clean, no spyware of anything of that sort.


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