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Megavideo Link removed / Video Deleted – Here’s a Solution to Find Mirrors

While searching the web for a Movie to watch online, I found out a bunch of links with all parts of the movie. Megavideo.com happens to be a large database of Videos on web but the problem was the link returned an error saying “video has been removed due to infringement“.

Megavideo links are in this format for example: http://www.megavideo.com/?v=BH6VMIAP which was removed by Megavideo on complain or may be some other reason. Luckily, there is a solution to watch the same video which was deleted from Megavideo database.

megavideo infringement

How? Megavideo stores 3 copies of same video on their servers called mirrors. So, even if one link is deleted, you can watch the video from rest of other two. Trick is to find those two links.

Megavideo Deleted Link Removed

These Tools to find mirror links are called Regenerators though they don’t regenerate actually. We have a solution which can be accessed by installing addon on your browser (Firefox and Chrome only), Bookmarklet or simply visit http://regen.videourls.com/

Megavideo Mirror Links

Using any method, you will reach this page showing alternate links for same video. If you click the video player or the link, you have to waste clicks on closing Pop-Up windows so, better copy and paste any of the link in Address bar of Web browser.

If you happen to reach the 72 Minutes restriction of watching videos, you can easily bypass Megavideo 72 minutes Limit.

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seema sinha - May 25, 2011

I am reading your site for some time and i find it useful.This post does not look good on your part.Everyone is fighting piracy and believe me its a big issue.A blogger of your stature should write on how to stop piracy?

vikas - June 5, 2011

can you send me please registration code for Boxoft PDf to flipbook ….


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