Micromax Ninja Makes Fun of Galaxy Y: Is It Really Faster And Better?

micromax ninja series phones

Micromax has strong hold in Indian mobile phone market especially in delivering budget smartphones. They have tried to imitate launch phone with features offered by biggies at affordable prices. Their new product is Micromax Ninja 3.5 and 4 which tries to show down the popular Samsung Galaxy Y.

Samsung Galaxy Y is dominating smartphone in a budget of 7-8,000 rupees with all the desired features. While Micromax launched its Ninja 3.5 and Ninja 4 series phones in market to deliver better below the price of Galaxy Y. So, Micromax indirectly attacked on obvious competitor Samsung Galaxy Y through their Video commercial.

If you remember Samsung Galaxy Y advertisement where a girl hanging out with friends helps out a person in telling direction using Google maps and says “Aapke paas nahi hai UNCLE“.

Micromax Ninja commercial begins where Samsung ends. When she comes back after helping out a person, her friends make fun of her mobile phone “Aapke paas nahi hai AUNTY“.

Also on their Facebook cover page, it reads “Two phones that make you ask Why Y?” and “Who needs small Y?“. Now, you can clearly guess what Y stands for 🙂

Let’s have a quick comparison of Galaxy Y Duos and Ninja phones-

Galaxy Y Duos
Ninja 3.5 Ninja 4
Screen size 3.14 inches 8.9 cms ~ 3.5 inches 10.1 cms ~ 4 inches
Processor 830 MHz ARMv6 1 GHz 1 GHz
Android Version Gingerbread 2.3.5 Gingerbread 2.3.5 Gingerbread 2.3.5
RAM 160MB 256MB 256MB
Price 8,000 Rupees approx. 4,999 Rupees 5,999 Rupees

I considered Galaxy Duos in above comparison because Ninja series is Dual SIM.

Is Micromax Ninja Faster And Better Than Samsung Galaxy Y

Not just going by what they have advertised on Television but Specs clearly says Micromax Ninja phones are better than Galaxy Y. More Processing power obviously will make work smooth and bigger display compliments the efficiency.

Considering the price difference, one should obviously go for Ninja instead of Galaxy Y.

WAIT! One important thing in Android phones is optimization of firmware to balance processes and running services. This plays an important role while balancing or multi-tasking. I am not really sure about how Micromax has developed its firmware to manage hardware resources. If that goes wrong, every improvement on Hardware side will be pretty useless.

I would like to know your views if you have any of the above phones. Do comment what you think about this Galaxy Y vs Micromax Ninja battle?

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