Microsoft claims that IE8 is faster than Chrome or Firefox 3

browser-fightMicrosoft, not happy with the latest rumors point to an abandonment of Internet Explorer and more than a bet on a possible future browser engine separated from Trident, have decided that if there was an ongoing war of browsers to see what is the fastest, they would extinguish the fire with gasoline. Today they have claimed that Internet Explorer 8 is faster than its closest competitors: Firefox 3 and Chrome.

To prove so, Microsoft took pencil and notepad to conduct test on 25 popular websites (their loading time) on Chrome, Firefox and IE 8. Test results were shocking : 25 of the sites in test, IE8 was the fastest in 12 of them, Chrome in 9 and Firefox only 4.

Here are the results of the test conducted by Microsoft.

Test conducted by Microsoft. Green one Wins

Test conducted by Microsoft. Green one Wins

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Anakin'sBetrayal - December 12, 2009

Microsoft is a liar! You cant trust them

    Rohit Langde - December 12, 2009

    Seems you are totally against Microsoft Internet Explorer. Don’t know whether are saying truth or not but believe it or not, these are the test results. 😉


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