Get Modern Apps Shortcut on Windows 8 Desktop or Anywhere You Want

Windows 8 is Terribly Confusing And Disappointing; This is what many people say when they are asked to upgrade from Windows 7 to Windows 8. Most of us do not like the Metro Home Screen and want to stick to desktop. The problem lies here, in Windows 8 you cannot do much without going back to the home screen again and again. The only accessible things are the applications that you have installed i.e shortcuts on desktop. But again the real fun of using Windows 8 lies with the Modern/ Metro appsĀ  which resides on home screen. Irritating isn’t it!

Well, to lessen this pain we got third party freeware apps. Today, we will see how to launch your favorite metro apps directly from Windows desktop. ModernApp Link helps us in doing exactly what we want and how we want. Let’s see how it works.

Place Modern App Shortcut on Windows 8 Desktop

metro apps on windows desktop

ModernApp link has a simple interface. When you open the app, you will be presented with the modern apps you can have on desktop. You will get all the basic apps that are used frequently.

windows 8 settings from desktop

The best thing about this app is that apart from adding general purpose you can also add options like PC settings, start menu, file search shortcuts on desktop. This is helpful and every time you do not need to access charms bar. To access these items just click on Experimental option present at bottom of ModernApps Link.

Applying Shortcuts

metro apps on desktop windows 8

To apply any modern app / settings as shortcut, left click on the item and select Create shortcut on desktop. Instantly you will see the shortcut appear on your desktop. Now you can directly launch your apps without going to home screen.

windows 8 desktop metro app

With Modern Apps on desktop you can choose to have the view size as medium or large, as small icon size produces no fun watching the app icons.

Placing Modern App shortcut on custom location

Using the above option to get shortcuts on desktop is very easy. But if you want to place shortcuts in your desired locations you have to go through few more steps. After left click select the second option i.e Create shortcut (Custom Options).

add metro app shortcut anywhere

In the first option you need to specify where you need the shortcut. It can be a folder, file or any storage location.

custom metro app link windows 8

The second option will be to give a name to the shortcut. you can give any name but try to be relevant.

windows 8 metro apps icon

Leave this field as it is.

metro app link description

Add a description to the app. No need to worry, add anything you want.

find custom metro apps icon windows 8

In the next step you will need to give an icon file. So better have one from before hand. Just search Google to get thumbnail of that app. I converted the image to .ico online without any hassle.

windows 8 app link on desktop

Once it is done, you are ready. Now, you can jump to the App even while being in a folder or file. I have tested this app on Windows 8 Pro 64 bit and had no issues.

Download: MordenApp Link

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rakesh - January 22, 2013

Nice Apps. Windows 8 also mystery for me.

yaso - January 22, 2013

It’s very useful info,
thanks for sharing the application,

Spice Store - January 27, 2013

I still don’t understand what people find so hard about using win 8. Its a pleasure and if people stopped fighting it and embrace they what get use to it much quicker without 3rd party apps


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