How to Move Gameloft Games to SD Card on Android in one click

Gameloft Games for Android, no doubt offer awesome graphics and nice gameplay but these good games requires big size too. Gameloft games are generally takes up big amount of amount of space on Internal SD after installation. Here’s solution to move complete Game Data files to External SD easily.

We have already seen tutorial on How to Prepare SD Card for App to SD which procedure lets you move almost any Android App to External SD card. But in this post, we are only concerned about moving Gameloft Games to SD card using a dedicated app called “GL 2 SD”.

Unlike SD Card preparation procedure, using this app is very easy and doesn’t require to connect your phone to computer. What all you need is ROOT; Just rooted Android phone with external SD card will suffice.

How to Move Gameloft Games to SD Card

  1. Move /sdcard/gameloft/games this folder to your ExternalSD.
  2. (optional) Move /sdcard/Android/data/ game folder to your ExternalSD/data/.
  3. Run this program. It lists all gameloft games and click ‘open’ to play.
  4. If you wanted see your games moved from /sdcard/Android/data, Press Menu->Check “/sdcard/Android”->Click ‘Add’ and restart this program.
  5. Click the desktop icon to execute, mount and press Menu -> Exit
  6. If you do not know how to move files, delete the /sdcard/gameloft/games data, open wifi, run the program and click game, leave it to download.

Applicati0n has been successfully tested on LG P990, LG P920, Samsung Galaxy S2, Galaxy R, Samsung i9000, i9003 and reports are still pending for Samsung Galaxy Mini, SEMC Xperia Play, SEMC Xperia X10, Samsung Galaxy Tab, Acer Picasso

Download GL to SD

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Rama - November 4, 2011

how to move apps to SD..
without rooting phone.

    Rohit Langde - November 5, 2011

    That is possible by running a script over ADB but for that you need have SDK installed on Windows. Overall, quite a cumbersome process. Why not root your phone? That way, it’s far simpler.

David - March 11, 2012

i dont have my ExternalSD.


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