How to Move Installed Applications from Default C Drive to other Drives

Generally it is observed that once an application is installed on any drive and if later moved or copied to other drives the application becomes useless and does not work. By default Windows installs all applications in C:\ drive but with passage of time we require more and more space on this drive to fulfill our software requirements.

The only way left in this situation is to uninstall some applications. But what if you are using all the installed applications. In situations like this Stream Mover comes handy.

Stream Mover is a portable freeware application for windows that can move installed applications from default installed drive to other drive without any side effects. Working with Stream Mover is easy and you do not have go through any special and tiring configurations. Only thing that you have to do is point the folder where the application you want to use is installed. For instance, in default cases you can point the source folder to C:\Program files. The other thing is the destination, you can set any other drive as destination where the application will be moved. Once these are selected you can press the blue arrow icons in front of respective applications to move them.

My Verdict: This is an extremely useful application but it only works on NTFS formatted drives and is tested on Windows 7. It can move almost all applications but may fail in some cases.

Download Stream Mover (1.1 MB)

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