Move Taskbar buttons to Center in Windows 7

Using docks are common when we talk about desktop customization. With the emergence of windows 7 there came in many new visual customization tools and tricks to enhance this experience. TaskDock is such an application that can center taskbar buttons and give you dock like feeling.

It is a free and portable utility with out any user interface. Just clicking on the application will bring taskbar buttons to the centre from their default position beside the start button. The application can be found on the system tray, if you want to exit the application just right click on the application and exit. Exiting the application will also normalize the taskbar buttons to their default position.

This is a new application and you may experience bugs like delay in shifting buttons to their original place, for any comment or suggestion visit the developer’s page.

Download: TaskDock

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PassingBy - May 17, 2010


Microsoft should have implemented this into Windows 95 but still it is not an option even in Windows 7 (until now). Maddening. Sometimes I think Microsoft wants to fail.

Even though this software is absolutely primative I am very happy that someone has finally created this functionality. Maybe slowly it can be expanded and prefectted. Thanks Sourojit


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