Mozilla Prism 1.0 beta released

Mozilla Prism

Mozilla Prism

The Mozilla has just released a beta of version 1.0 of Prism, a tool that allows us to run applications in independent web browser. In this version we find several new features, such as we can minimize the “webapps” to the system tray, thereby keeping them running in the background.

In addition, it comes with support for emerging service, allowing us to see that we receive alerts whenever a mail message, the site is updated, etc. (as long as the site in question makes use of this feature of the API Prism). Also, lets us clean up our private information and set options such as the type / font size or configuration of an individual proxy for each web application.

It is worth mentioning that, if we use Windows 7, we will probably be more comfortable using Prism before their equivalent of Google Chorme. We say this because when we open a webapp installed via Chrome, Windows 7 will think that this is an instance of the Google browser, and will involve the Chrome icon in the taskbar. This does not happen with Prism, and it is a completely independent tool for Firefox.

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onesource - May 12, 2009

Good advice. I just started using Google Chrome and have been thinking about Prism. I am still using windows XP. I have used the beta version of windows 7 and it seemed like a watered down version of Vista.

Ed - January 7, 2010

very precise and to the point blog post on a very informative subject.

Huck Finn - April 4, 2010

I downloaded “Prism 1.0” but it isn’t listed on windows “Add-Remove” page.How do I remove it?


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