Create Multiboot USB DVD by burning multiple ISO Images in one Disk

Advntages of ISO images are beyond dispute; Linux distributions and most Antivirus rescue CDs are released in this way. Limitation is you can crate single boot DVD or USB Flash drive eventhough it has enough space.

An Indian developer made a multiboot software to make multiple boot ISO USB or DVD using a software. XBoot is a multiple boot software application which can burn multiple ISO into single USB or DVD. So we can utilize the complete space of single physical drive.

Multiboot USB DVD

The images are added via drag and drop into the program window and to each we can assign a name and category for easy identification. We will also see the space occupied by each and the combined total space, so that we can make sure to keep the total time below the maximum offered by our unit.

Also, we have an option to verify checksums, which adds extra safety always necessary when burning images that are downloaded from the web. Then only remains for us to click on the button “Create ISO” to start recording XBoot.

XBoot is still in beta, even it’s name is subject to change when final version is released. You can contribute to report errors and suggestion at official thread on Bootland forum.

XBoot is freeware and compatible with Windows 7 , Vista and XP in 32 and 64 bits, and only requires the. NET framework 4.0.

Download XBoot 1.0 Beta 3

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KING - December 14, 2010

Execellent Post !!! I liked this one !! (Rockwithking)

Md.Sabihuddin - December 18, 2010

Can we make multibootable windows (Xp, 2003, vista) from this software? If yes then Which Identify Opption?


Other link:-

Kamran Khan - November 23, 2011

Really a very good software, really pretty good.


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