ClipCycler: Multiple Text Clipboard Software utility

Cut, copy and paste are the three most used action on any operating system. These three feature makes our day-to-day job easier and simpler. However due to limitations we can only store single item on the clipboard which can annoying at times.

However using ClipCycle, a nifty open source application, one can cycle through multiple clipboard contents with using hot keys thus lifting away limitation of single clipboard content.


The application is very easy to use, once you download and install the application just launch the executable file. In the main program interface just set the key combination for cycling forward and backward among multiple clipboard content.

After setting up the key you can cycle the clipboard using the predefined key and use the default CTRL+V to perform the paste option.

The application is light on resources, it quietly work in background with only 500kb memory foot prints.

This program is free to use and is compatible with all the 32-bit windows variants.

Download ClipCycler

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