Murphy’s laws for Geeks

Murphy’s law was introduced to me while watching a movie and from then, I found it to be very practical and applicable in every step of life, let it be Love, Computers, Office or anything else. Original law says that –

If anything can go wrong, It will go wrong.

Experience of various people resulted in number of extensions to this law in almost every field and so, I too have compiled some Murphy Laws for geeks.

1. Gadget will fail after the warranty expires

The probability of failing the gadget is maximum the day it’s warranty expired. No matter if you have paid extra amount to get extra warranty for an expensive gadget- Gadget will work fine till that final day.

2. When you want to prove someone about something that doesn’t work, it will work

This never fails, then let it be your Scanner, DigiCam or anything. If you have spent all the morning checking your printer that doesn’t work. When the person from support arrives, it starts working and prints are even better than before. Conversely, if you are presenting your final project and tested it for 15 days without any problem, the day professor examines it- something goes wrong.

3. You can never have a Hard Disk of the size you want

Never buy a hard disk of the size you want because it is always less the space available than you require to install a Game/program or copy some movies.

4. Your cellphone generally doesn’t rings but you will need it most the day you forget it

Cellphones already have become an important thing to load while going out and you generally carry it but the day you forget at home, you will receive an important call and what worst is that it needs an urgent callback. Running out of battery without charger also falls in same category.

5. In a Mathematics test, if you are unsure about one thing from 10,000 items then it is clear that the same will appear in test

Teachers know it very well and they put that one thing in exam which does not dominate your consideration.

6. It is impossible to remember all the passwords

It’s amazing gift if a geek remembers the passwords of all the email accounts, group project, Twitter, YouTube, Flickr, 4 blogs and 20 forums you have registered. Above, we have passwords of your credit card and your parents’.

7. Customer care will never solve your problem

No matter, you have spend hours talking with different customer care executives to solve your concern. Result is that you will be left out with problems more than before you had. Also, you will notice that call waiting is such an annoying thing.

8. If a device doesn’t work then turn it off and start it next day. It will work as it should

This does not fails yet there is no scientific explanation or technical reason for that but it certainly works with most of the printers, PSP, cellphones, Cameras or the gadget you have.

9. An update will arrive at the less opportune moment

Let it be an operating system or any software upgrades, it will strike at less appropriate timings like when you have an urgent work, watching movie or playing games.

10. The probability of falling a CD / DVD disc is directly proportional to the importance of the data or cost of the disc

Similar to bread with jam and cost of the carpet it falls.

So, now you know if something goes wrong, it follows Murphy’s law.

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Nitin - June 16, 2009

Oh……..too funny………….it happened several times with me also!!!!!!!

mobilephone - June 24, 2009

Super-Duper site! I am loving it!! Will come back again – taking you feeds also, Thanks.

Duncan Zevallos - September 11, 2010

good luck as you


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