8 Music Score Editor Software For PC / Mac / Online To Write Music Sheet

For musicians who point to the convenience, the digital world offers many programs for writing music, and create music for piano, guitar and bass tablature (TAB), scores for entire orchestras and any other existing score. Here are a few that seem particularly interesting Music Score Editor for Mac, PC and even online.

1. Sibelius

Sibelius Music Score EditorNamed after the famous Finnish composer, Jean Sibelius, and is probably the most famous score editor in the market. Despite the completeness of the application, which covers all needs, the use is rather intuitive. Very interesting Ideas tool to quickly jot fragments of melody, harmonic progressions or any other musical idea. For professionals, but also for amateurs.

2. Finale

finale Music Score EditorThe number one competitor of Sibelius. Perhaps it is slightly more complex to use, but just as full and indisputable quality, as to be the choice of many professional composers. It also includes tools for automatic and semi-automatic error writing, and a useful tool with which you can scan to OCR scanned paper sheet, then to be able to work freely.

3. Finale NotePad

 finale notepad Music Score Editor

The “cousin” of free Finale, with many restrictions but more than enough for most users. It offers up to 5 staves overlaid (more TAB), one music font (Maestro), you can not put music in real time with a MIDI controller (but only step-by-step) and you can enter agreements manually. For a complete comparison of family members Finale, you can see the special page on the official website.

4. NoteFlight

Noteflight Music Score EditorThis is excellent online score editor, a gem of musical notation. Thanks to the live demo, you can experiment with tools and operation. Then you can sign up for an account, free or paid depending on your needs. Noteflight is an excellent tool for students and teachers of music, because it allows you to create exercises and lessons. Obviously it is the ideal tool to write as a group. A revolution in which we give a warm welcome.

5. Musescore

The open source programs are always greeted with joy, and I do not abstain. Musescore is a good score editor. Compared to samples of the category, which we have already spoken, it has a less chic and tools it offers are mostly the standard ones (but those are all there). Program is multilingual and and supports plugins. A good software, worth trying.

6. TuxGuitar

Tuxguitar Music Score EditorAnother free program, this time designed especially (but not only) for those who write specifically for guitar, bass or other stringed instruments. The software also features a tuner. At the bottom of the interface can display the keyboard of a guitar or a piano, with which to see where are the notes on these two instruments, or even put them in the score and tablature. The use is not immediate, but with a little ‘of application if they bring out good things. Compatible with Guitar Pro files.

7. Guitar Pro

Guitar pro Music Score EditorAs the name suggests, it is a specific software for guitarists (and bassists and banjoist). Includes metronome, tuner and a system of learning scales. The interface is quite tricky, and the program is designed for those who are familiar with the music and with the notation programs. Supports most of formats of digital sheet.

8. NoteWorthy

NoteWorthy Music Score EditorA program of music notation-looking old-fashioned, but pretty cheap. The good news is that it is compatible with all Windows operating systems since Windows 95, and runs easily even on very old PC. It offers the traditional functions of a score editor, and toolbars can be placed at will anywhere in the interface.

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Mostafa - August 29, 2012

Do you have piano & other musical instrument software?
Thank you for all emails from you

    Rohit Langde - August 30, 2012

    Hey Mostafa, Software mentioned in article could make music sheet irrespective to instrument used. May I know what kind of software you are looking for, any specific purpose?


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