6 Must Have Apps To Be Installed After Unboxing Android By New User

You bought a New Android Smartphone; Maybe because it’s a trend in Market or maybe Friend recommended it to you. Apps are the novelty of  any smartphone but if you are unsure which one to choose from Play Store, this article suggests essential apps for New Android Users.

1. App Cache and History Cleaner

Android phone’s biggest drawbacks are they stored some data of each app into the phone’s memory making phone clogged in cache memory going system dull and dumb. To overcome this you always need to clear those chunks of cache memory. You can clear the cache memory by going into Settings-Applications and in each app “clear data” to release unwanted memory accumulated by respective app.


To overcome this problem we have 1Tap cleaner which helps surpassing those steps and cleaning all the cache data delete at once for all those apps installed on your memory.


Addition to cache cleaning, 1Tap comes with defaults cleaner to clear defaults you set for respective actions, History Cleaner to clear the history stored in apps and browsers, Call/Text cleaner to clear call and Text logs cleaning. In free version it needs to be done manually but in paid one, app does this on its own i.e. Automatically.

Download 1 Tap Cleaner from here.


2. Nice File Manager

Most of Mobile phone users need a proper file manager as stock file managers fail in some areas and lacks some major features. So does android stock file manager comes under the same shed. So all your needs for a proper file manager are provided by Astro File Manager. Astro is a file manager with all your pro user needs and demands. It comes with free and paid version. Free version too has more than enough features to fulfill your needs. Astro gives you tabbed file exploring with options like select multi files, refresh, up, back, view drag, sort and many more.


Astro’s major feature includes direct access to Pictures, Documents and Music where it scans your phone and SD card and gives all Pictures, Documents and Music in a single click. It also contains built in file extractor from zip or rar files, so no need of file extracting application to be put on your phone.


Astro is not only file manager, but also it comes with features like Free Astro Backup Account which is cloud based backup system offered by Team Astro! Another feature is task killer to kill unwanted task and last but not least, Application Backup which is unique and very useful feature. Application Backup simply allows you to backup the apps installed in format of .apk which you can use later in case you uninstalled and want it back or even to transfer to other phones! In application backup Astro simply sorts by highlighting apps in Red (Need to Backup), Cyan (Already backed up), and White (New App) so you can easily recognize which app needs backup immediately and which doesn’t. So overall Astro is must app which is more than a file manager.

Download Astro File Manager from here.

3. Free and Reliable Anti-Theft Android App

Forgetting Phone or getting it theft is really painful or a much more worrying thing than any other. And losing your android means losing all the data, contacts, texts and most importantly all the login and other information stored in various apps. In such cases for proper security of your important phone, LMaxi Anti Theft is there to give you some peace of mind. This app designed with great brain work. When you download this app from the market it doesn’t get installed directly. It downloads only it’s installer for this app and installer installs this app thereafter in a hidden manner and makes sure you delete installer of this app.


LMaxi gets installed in such a way that it doesn’t appear in your app drawer. To access this app simply dial 0001 (can be changed afterwards) and calls which will give you access to app. LMaxi has lots of features which works wonders. 1st main feature is anti theft, phone gets locked when other than your Sim inserted or even no Sim is there.


Beside this basic feature what makes this app awesome and unique is from other anti theft apps is you can lock, ring alarm, lock apps, get current information about your phone remotely using simple text messages from any other phone. All you need to is set unique keywords for each feature like Alarm, Lock, Info, Lock Apps etc. And send a single SMS and bingo; it will work like a private detective! This is yet another must have app for your new android for complete peace of mind.

Download LMaxi Anti Theft from here.


4. Monitor 3G Data Usage

India is now obsessed by 3G. There are many people following the 3G way though it’s still too much costly. And when you activate 3G with a pack you really get worried about its usage as, when it will come to an end and won’t cut your pocket any more as post 3G Packs it’s too much costlier to access 3G internet. So in such cases there’s no need of keeping an eye on data usage each and every time. 3G Watchdog will watch it and will guard your data flow.


3G watchdog keeps and sharp eye on your data usage. All you need to do is set your limit and time (days) of your pack, that’s it. Further this, 3G Watchdog will keep your pocket secured as it will warn you after crossing certain amount of data like 90% or so on.


Even you can stop your data usage as soon as you reach the hot boundary limit of your package. Watchdog shows you marker in system tray to always be in an alert state. For all those internet savvy people worried about fair data usage, this app is for you.

Download 3G Watchdog from here.


5. Faster Web Browser

The opera mini browser is boon for mobile internet users so far. On Android too opera mini doesn’t let you down. Opera mini is a must have app for android!


Though stock browser is good in droid but it’s not coolest one though as some major features like tabbed browsing (it has 3 tabs availability but it’s too glitch to access the same), speed, sync, align with the mobile screen size without getting into mobile view etc. So for all those complete mobile browsing experience Opera Mini browser is there with its unique Opera fast thread technology for faster browsing experience like never before.


Though Opera Mini lacks HTML5 support (which is the only important feature it doesn’t include) Opera Mini scores almost 9/10. Opera mini is very light, fast and easy to handle which gives you great mobile internet browsing. Opera Mini doesn’t clog too much cache size nor drags too many resources to make your device slow. Tabbed browsing, Opera Sync (to sync your Opera account), built in download manager, enough history store, etc. That’s why it’s a highly rated and useful app from our side too! Simply go for it for a complete browsing experience!

Download Opera Mini from here.

6. Move Apps to SD Card

New “Androiders” face problems of “Low on space! Device/Phone storage space is getting low.”  Basically android system installs all your apps on phone memory itself which is limited only as per phone to phone so there are limitations to install apps on phone memory. And when you exclude this space you start getting such error messages and sometime system doesn’t allow installing new apps due to low space. In such cases you can move some apps to SD card but it becomes cumbersome to install and then go to setting-application menu and move your app to SD card by sneaking into each and every app.


So here you got the APP2SD app to work for you with the rest of your time. App2SD simply determines whether your new app can be moved to SD card or not and if it’s movable then it moves it to the SD card on its own.


It’s a totally time and energy saver app. Once you have installed there’s no need to check for whether app is movable to SD card or not. There are lots of such kinds of apps present in Google Play store.

Download App 2 SD from here.

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RG - May 11, 2012

Thanks for this link, buying an Android soon so this will. Will share your link on my site too after testing all of them out 🙂

    Ruturaj Vaidya - May 14, 2012

    Thanx buddy! What is your site url?

Sashank - May 18, 2012

Titanium pro , Dolphin HD, root explorer, Kaspersky pro, and AD free.. are the must have’s.. solves all the above said issues with style and ease , except that you need to get your phone rooted ..

[you can get the paid apps for free , just by googling]

    Rohit Langde - May 18, 2012

    Exactly. But Person won’t root their phone just after unboxing so keeping that in mind, the list was prepared.
    Yes, anything can be downloaded for free provided you know How to Google 😉

Archer - May 18, 2012

Cerberus – emails a snap from the oboard camera every time the password input is invalid
Seal – locks down the launch of user selected apps to a password

RG - June 4, 2012

Hey bro, as said i have reviewed all your apps and was impressed with all of them, but i do suggest that you give a look at Prey instead of Free and Reliable Anti-Theft Android App as I found it slightly better. Anyway, i’ll be doing a write up related to your article as I said 🙂


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