3 Must Have Travel Apps to Install on Android From Personal Experience

I recently came back from a small vacation and my Android device fully armed with various apps related to Travel and Tours, although when you travel you’re always ready with your backpack with the cloth you’ll need and maybe one of best coolers to carry some food, is also important to have some apps to help you travel. This post is a compilation of recommended Travel apps for Android which proved to be useful and helpful during journeys from home to different tourist destinations, once I even was able to travel in a yacht to read more on this story click here for more details

Restaurant Search on Google Maps Android App

1. Google Places

It installs as an addon along with Google Maps. Finds your location and then offers option to look for nearby/around you. It helps you to find Restaurants, Cafes, ATMs, Fuel station, Taxi Service and other necessary amenities. Results listed have contact details, user reviews and directions/navigation of course.

It has good database of local places and covers small ones too. Details are often accurate and has Photos by Users which makes it more realistic.

Only Problem is Spam, Incorrect Categorization which is due to lack of moderation. While looking for “Attractions” or “places to Visit” at a city near hill station, I had to filter results myself from all those “Tour Packages” and “Travel agency” advertisements. Beware about the fake feedback and get ready to handle irritating spam reviews / advertisement especially at popular tourist destinations.




TripAdvisor Places on Android

2. Trip Advisor

Trip Advisor is somewhat more than Google Places and well moderated with better User interface. Database is well listed and easy to look for what you exactly want in the application. Being particularly a service dedicated to Travel and Tours, it has categories from Hotel, Restaurants to Things to Do and Flights too.

I personally used this app as it integrates everything what a tourist wants. You can get to know Places to See, Things to do, Shopping Market, Night Life, etc. For Popular Tourist places, the reviews are quite reliable thanks to active user base.








3. Just Dial

Apps listed above will help you find places to visit, Hotel to stay and Restaurants for Food of your choice. However, things do not end here, we still need something more than that; call it Taxi service to roam around, Doctor in case of emergency and so on.

Just Dial is a popular Local Search engine which list almost anything you need. You can find places and things which might not be possible with above listed apps.








ngPay Android App

4. ngPay

Not directly related with Traveling but an essential companion. ngpay is India’s largest mall on mobile with 100+ stores. It lets you add your Bank account or attach Credit card and shop hassle free right from mobile phone.

Mobile Recharge/Top-Up, Bank balance inquiry, Fund Transfer, Air/Rail/ Bus Ticket Booking, Movie Shows, everything in one application. It is like carrying your Bank in pocket along with shops to spend money from wallet.

Some more…

Apart from these, there are some more to this list like Get it and Zomato. Though these are popular but I didn’t include in the list because they don’t work in all cities but where they work, they are best. Also, WikiTravel is another website to check out as an alternative; it has well designed mobile web version.

This is all you need while on Holiday, Vacation Tour and I think these apps are enough or I should say Must have Travel Apps on your Android device before leaving home. Do you have any suggestion of app to be included in list which you may have used personally and had better experience.

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prateek - June 15, 2012

These apps are just awesome. Just for these apps android is growing day by day


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