My Local Tribune shows Local info, Tweets and Events of the city

MyLocalTribune is an innovative service which fetches your location and shows you information, tweets and events in the city. It is a mashup of Twitter and Google Maps to provide view of local tribunes of any part of world. Term “Tribune” stands for local users and the information is derived from them.

my local tribune

Site Allows you to find Information about your city (traced via IP address) and also allows you to find the information from tribunes of any city specified for the common curiosity to know happening in friends / relatives town.

Info includes :

  • Latest Tweets about City
  • Latest Blog posts about City
  • Latest Events about City

my local tribune

Using the service is very easy. Just open the page and click on the city to get information, tweets and events about that city. It also has a search option if you want to get info of other city other than where you are residing. Wise usage of Google Maps and JQuery gives pretty good visual experience. Although team is working on algorithm and User Interface to enhance the performance and accurate results.

Site: My Local Tribune

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