Get Automatically Changing NASA HD Space Wallpapers on Windows

In past, we have covered Bing Live Desktop Wallpapers, these wallpapers changes automatically as they are updated at If you wanted to have Outer space HD wallpapers on your desktop, My Daily Space Wallpaper is a handy application to give a try.

My Daily Space Wallpaper is a portable freeware application for Windows. With this application you can automatically rotate space wallpapers on every Windows start up or as you specify. The best thing about this application is that you can optionally opt to save the Downloaded wallpaper and there are 270 wallpapers in the application database which is constantly updated. Surely you will have to spare some space but its worth having an updated Outer Space Wallpaper collection. Now lets see My Daily Space Wallpaper in details.

Working with My Daily Space Wallpaper

Download Nasa wallpapers windows

Using this application is easy as I have already mentioned earlier. On the first run you can click on download a new wallpaper now. This will immediately download a wallpaper and change your desktop background. You should remember one thing, to keep daily space wallpaper active and working, enable it with system start up and ensure you have active internet connection.

Daily Space Wallpaper Sample

Nasa live wallpapers for windows

Nasa live wallpapers for windows

Nasa live wallpapers for windows

Nasa live wallpapers for windows

Nasa live wallpapers for windows

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By default saving a copy of the downloaded wallpaper is enabled. there is no option to select or specify the location to store the wallpapers. So the wallpapers are saved in the location where the application is.

For instance if you have extracted Daily Space Wallpaper in D:\daily, the wallpapers will be saved in wallpaper folder within daily folder. Getting a high resolution Wallpaper is also a choice, you may deselect it if you desire to have low resolution wallpapers suiting your monitor. These Wallpapers are real images, so do not expect the artificial Photoshopped polish finish. Some Images may appear bit faded out.

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