Navigate to Local Places and Remote Locations not Shown On Ovi Maps

Ovi Maps is an useful and interactive application present in GPS enabled Nokia handsets. It provides free maps and voice navigation for unknown places you want to be but often fails to locate remote and rural places.

It is often noticed that in rural places or places near your locality Ovi maps fail to work. It does not detect present location properly or even do not show places where we want to navigate.

In situations like these Google Maps serves a better job to show up places of your locality in much detail than Ovi Maps. But still Ovi Maps scores more over Google Maps. This is solely due to the interactive navigation with voice guidance. In Google Maps navigation is textual i.e it will just give you written instructions to reach your destination. Well it is not always possible to get all the good things at one place. The Latest version of Google Maps does provide voice search but in beta stage.

If you want to have the usefulness of Google Maps and interactive voice navigation on Ovi Maps, then there is a small trick that will help you. Here we will combine the usefulness of both the application.

Steps to get Location Coordinates on Ovi Maps

  • Ensure that you have active internet connection on your handset.
  • First you need to update Ovi Maps on your handset also download the Google Maps and install it.
  • Open Google Maps and search the location you want to navigate to. If you do not get any marked location on map, select the nearest location or manually select it on map.

  • Add Star/ Favorite to the place in Google Maps. You can save it with a name.

  • Now open Ovi Maps and then go to Favorite.

  • In Favorite select Places, then you will find the place you selected as Favorite in Google Maps, select it.

  • Upon selecting the location you will have options to drive/ walk to that location. Just select the appropriate option for you.

  • Once you have selected the navigation option you are ready to go with Ovi Navigation.

This is a simple technique and works well. You may not see any other locations through the way but the voice navigation will guide you to the selected destination.

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imran - May 19, 2011

How is that even possible ? Favorites will sync with & not google maps. Is this something you have tried yoursefl ?


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