Must Install Apps for News Junkies on iPhone iPad and Android Tablets

People who always like to be stay updated with news, happenings. To do this, they fill up their feed readers, add News Networks on Social Web accounts. And thanks to Mobile devices (Tablets and Smartphones), it is possible to keep in track of them on the move.

Smartphones and Tablets have done nothing more than making News Updates more accessible anytime, anywhere when you have internet connection. But it’s not like- visiting your feed aggregator and news website to check after interval of time. Instead, there are dedicated apps to fetch and organize all information and news content.

These are some of the applications that I recommend for iPhone, iPad and Android for news if you want to organize.


Reeder for ipad news reader

Available for iPhone at € 2.99 and iPad for 3.99 €. It is an application that works with Google Reader, Feed reader which is surely more interesting than it is right now. The good thing is that Reeder has a very neat interface and is really nice. You can configure your Twitter account to send notifications about what you are reading, plus a function that can find the rest of the content of a news feed if it shows just the summary.


Summify iphone news reader

Application for iPhone , for free. It is an interesting application that gives you the news of your social networks (Twitter and Facebook). Simply setting up these accounts, it automatically adds a very visual news that resemble your contacts who share your tastes. You can even see who and how many of your contacts have shared the news.


Exclusive application for iPhone and free. It is surely one of the best applications you can have on iPad. Organize your Facebook, Twitter, Google Reader and also some channels that are pre configured on Flipboard.

The best thing about Flipboard that it’s great for displaying content from your favorite sites, making the experience incredibly easy and enjoyable. Flipboard is not new in the iPhone world, and is one of those applications that do or if you need to download once you have the opportunity.

Journls HelloTxt

Available for iPhone . In very recent release, Hellotxt Journls is a kind of Flipboard, which lets you read your favorite news sites as if books or books on a shelf.

The display of the news is very similar to Flipboard, but one of the interesting points is the ability to create your own news feeds to be based on people in your social networks, interest or several feeds you want.


Available for Android (smartphones and tablets), iPhone and iPad , free on all platforms. This is another veteran on the App Store, if I remember correctly Flipboard came out before, but if it was a great surprise for tablets. Pulse displays the news in revolutionized way that could be read on tablet with a good interface from pre-selected site feeds.


Available for Android , iPhone and iPhone as universal app for free.

Okay, this is a free application, but you’ll have to spend some money on it, because it is one of the best ways to read magazines (yes, those paper) in a tablet or smarphone. Zinio has a very large base of magazines in many countries. You can buy virtually the last number of leading magazines.

Zinio allows you to synchronize all your terminal, either an iPhone with the Mac, PC, Linux, iPhone, Android … All your magazines organized in one place and your willingness to read again.


Available for Android for tablets and smartphones, iPhone and iPhone as universal app. Rather it is a feed reader in the traditional sense, but also includes support for other networks. Create a source of information from your Google Reader, Twitter, Instapaper or Read It Later.

What good about it is the clean design and simple interface. Displays news in a very visual manner, and free!

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Ajaypratap Sidhu - July 30, 2011

I’ll definitely install these great applications on my iPhone for sure. Thanks for the post!

Madras Geek - August 2, 2011

pulse is one of my favorite, but after using it for sometime, i gave up. Google reader app official is what I use now. Thank you so much sharing!


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