Nokia PC Suite Cleaner completely uninstalls all traces and Components

Nokia PC suite is a commonly used application by all Nokia users to back up and synchronize their phone data and contacts on computer. But while uninstallation these backups are not completely removed and if you wanted a total new installation without previous data stored, that could be a problem. Nokia PC suite cleaner is a free application released by Nokia to perform these tasks.

It searches your computer for Nokia PC suite and starts removing any component within Nokia PC suite folder, even if you place your personal files within this folder those will be deleted. It also cleans any registry entries related to Nokia pc suite. After the cleaning has been done it also provides a detailed report of removed files which can be viewed directly or saved to computer.

My Verdict

This is a useful application by Nokia and can be used if you are facing trouble using PC suite. Just make a clean uninstall and then reinstall the application again.

Download: Nokia PC suite cleaner

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