Norton Mobile Security 2.0 for Android – Review

We have started becoming more dependent 0n Smartphones for most of the daily activities and hence became integral part of life. Specifically Android Phones, we have more than personal data stored on it which if lands to wrong person may lead to danger.

It’s not only the cost of Device you will lose in case of theft but the personal accounts, confidential data and personal photos which are worth not losing. So, securing them it’s a first thing when you have Android Device. Few Days ago, I received Norton Mobile Security 2.0 for Android; Tested it for sometime now and here is my review.

Apart from physical theft of device, there are chances of virtual data theft because of Phishing, malware attcks or some trojan sending out your information online. Norton mobile Security is capable of handling both situations efficiently. It can act as Antivirus Software as you use on Windows computer and provide Theft protection and emergency services too.


Norton Mobile Security’s home screen has five basic menu options: Setup Anti-Theft, Anti-Malware, Call & SMS Blocking, Web Protection and Subscription.

Home Screen

Setup Anti-Theft – This includes setting up device for post-stolen activities or in case lost. You can locate lost Android Tablet or Phone, Lock Device completely to prevent access inside or setup SIM Card Lock, Wipe Data completely. To do this, you just have to send SMS to lost phone from any number.  You may also add Mobile numbers of Friends you trust to unlock device remotely.

Anti Theft

Part of the Anti-Malware module is Norton Community Watch, a voluntary service which allows any Norton product (including Norton Mobile Security) to forward anonymous data to Symantec servers to whitelist the processes and services running on any device. If you’re concerned about your privacy, you can turn this off.

Call and SMS blocking – I don’t think you need introduction about this feature.

Web Protection – No need to configure this one but just one click enable to prevent yourself from falling into scams and phishing sites. Phishing Web sites mimic financial sites or other secure sites and try to trick users into logging in with their username and password. This sort of attack is completely platform-independent. Phishing protection is just as important for mobile Web surfing as for browsing on a PC.

Anti Phishing


Along with Stealthy features, Norton Mobile Security 2.0 for Android is user friendly with their typical color combination and golden and black interface.

Installer is 1MB and after installation, you are taken to Homescreen from where all features are just one click away. All the features are accessible through a single screen, and are simple and easy to use.

I tested it on Samsung Galaxy S with 1 GHz processor running on Android 2.3 Gingerbread with 16GB Storage. Scanning was blazing fast covering all system files and user data too.


Norton Mobile Security offers all in one solution for all security needs. I found it faster than McAfee WaveSecure which I used for 1 year now not just in scanning but also while starting up. It has the quickest malware scan feature we’ve seen on a mobile device.

Price in Indian Market is 599 INR while Android Market may cost you upto 30$ so, if you are convinced, it;s better to buy from local retailer. Also, try it’s free, lighter version – Norton Mobile Security LITE, before you buy the full version.

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