Notes For Later, Utility Bookmarklet to Send Quick Notes Through Email

What do we usually do when we find something interesting or useful stuffs surfing the internet? If that stuff is some plain text, I just copy it and paste to a text file in my computer. Otherwise I bookmark the page to visit it again in future. But, the bookmarks can easily get messy when they become too many in number. Notes for later solves this problem efficiently. It is a bookmarklet that lets you to remember your findings on a certain website by sending you an email.

You can start accessing this nice free web utility in just a few clicks. Visit Notes for later . Provide an email address in which you want to receive the emails. Press the yellow circular “sign up” button.

Provide an Email Address for Sign Up on Notes For Later

A confirmation link will be sent to the email address you have provided. By clicking that link, you will be redirected to the page containing the bookmarklet.

Notes For Later Bookmarklet

Just drag and drop the yellow rectangular “make note” box onto the bookmarks bar into your browser.

Notes For Later Bookmarklet on the Bookmarks Bar in Firefox

If you are using Internet explorer, right click on the box and select “Add to favorites…” from the context menu.

Right Click Context Menu Options of the Bookmarklet in Internet Explorer

A security alert is shown. Click “Yes” to continue.

Security Alert Before Adding the Bookmarklet in Internet Explorer

Now, select “Favorites” bar for “Create in” option and click “OK”.

Add Favorite Options of the Bookmarklet in Internet Explorer

You will find the bookmarklet under the “Favorites” tab.

Note For Later Bookmarklet in Internet Explorer

You can use the bookmarklet in your iOS (iPhone, iPad, iPod) devices too. iOS setup procedure is also given there.

Now, how to use this bookmarklet? It is dead simple. Simply highlight any text in any webpage that you want to make a note.

Highlighted Text on a Web Page for Making a Note

Just click the bookmarklet once and you are done. Within seconds, an email containing the text you have highlighted on the site, a link to the webpage and the date and time will be forwarded to the email account you have registered with.

Email Containing the Highlighted text , Link And Time of Visit

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