How Offline Mobile Recharge Works with e-Wallet

You may have heard and even done online recharge which requires you to pay via Net Banking or Credit cards. By saying online, I mean you need to make transaction from bank via Internet every time you want to recharge mobile phone.

This may involve problems many a times. Like, Net Banking services maybe down for maintenance, Payment Gateway facing problems or you don’t have online access at that time. In such situations, e-wallet can come into rescue which is your online wallet but money stored in it can be used for offline recharge.

MobiKwik is one of the reliable service in India featuring e-Wallet where you can keep your money safe and secure. And these funds can be used to recharge prepaid mobile phones on the go without need of internet connection. This is possible using MobiKwik’s SMS and Call (IVR) recharging facility.

How to Enable Offline Mobile Recharge

Signup at MobiKwik using Mobile number and Email ID. After logging in, you will find SMS and Phone transactions which will be activated on click.

Add some balance to your wallet from banks (online) or even Cash Pay (offline) service is available.

One thing should be kept in mind that only One Phone number will be able to do offline transactions. Your Phone number acts as username and authentication for recharge using SMS and Phone call.

How to Recharge Phones Offline

There are two ways to do that using MobiKwik as I said above: Using SMS and IVR Phone Call.

  • Send SMS to 9211-060-000 as RC <amount> <number>
  • Call 011-3090-8686 (Delhi) or 022-3093-2093 (Mumbai) and follow instructions.

If you don’t want to remember these numbers and SMS format, just download MobiKwik Android App which supports offline as well as online recharging options.

offline mobile recharge

Also, Standard charges apply to send SMS or call on those numbers. So, make sure that you have at least Re.1 as phone balance to recharge. Offline Recharge facility won’t work if mobile runs out of balance to zero.

Please note that, I have emphasized on recharging mobile phones in this article but MobiKwik supports more than that. Pay Electricity bills, PostPaid mobile bills, Insurance Premiums and more.

Personally, I liked this concept of parking some funds in secure e-wallet which can be helpful in emergency situations. No need to select Bank/Credit Card, Fill up passwords, go through Payment gateways and then back to merchant site. There aren’t many sites offering such kind of services to recharge offline.

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ram - September 7, 2013

I use paytm- great. A similar concept

pradeep - September 13, 2016

offline recharge of mobikwik is not working via sms/call


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