Cut MP3 Files Online Without Uploading and Losing Audio Quality

While listening to your favorite songs, you must have always wondered about cutting its hook and using it as a ringtone but most of the time, the MP3 cutter tool that you are using, leaves you with a puzzled countenance.

So, we covered some Online MP3 cutter tools which works fine without having to upload the original MP3 track. Availability is free and very handy that you can use them as web Apps for quick access to cut your favorite MP3 tracks.

Well, having an MP3 cutter “Handy” is very important to perform such tasks or if you had to go through a little trouble, it gives you disinterest. Most of the MP3 cutters prompt you for payment at the end which is very irritating after doing all that process for nothing.

There are various MP3 cutter tools available, both payable & freeware. Also, online MP3 cutters are available with limited functionality. Online tools are very handy such as MP3 cutters but uploading of the required MP3 track is needed which is time taking.

Cut MP3 online without uploading the MP3 file & are online MP3 cutter tools that require no uploading of MP3 file

In, the extreme left option is for selecting MP3 track. After selecting, just wait for 2 seconds & you will see the play button highlighted. Hit play and select scissors to cut your favourite portion. Click the extreme right option to finalize your work and it will start downloading automatically.

In, the procedure is same as above. After selecting MP3 file, it will show waveforms. Select the portion that you like and hit “Cut mp3 file” and here you are done.

I have tested these tools with my mobile internet connection and they work just fine like a high speed connection. Actually, there is no need of high speed bandwidth to perform this work and hence it saves your bytes.

In case, if these tools failed to work then, I would suggest you It requires uploading of the MP3 file. Once the uploading is done, you are ready to cut MP3.

These are the best and easiest ways to cut MP3 and make desired ringtones for your mobile devices.

Cut MP3 offline using Freeware Software

There are various freeware MP3 cutters available for windows but I have chosen Shinesoft MP3 Cutter Joiner. Its totally freeware and no MP3 Cutter registration code required. It doesn’t take big space in your hard-drive and gives output format as MP3, OGG, WMA & WAV. It cuts the MP3 accurately. Select Begin & End and hit Cut, it will start its process and within a few seconds you will have your desired MP3.

This is for those users who are not online all the time. It hardly affects your system as it takes very small space so without any doubt use this tool as offline MP3 cutter.

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Jinav Satra - May 30, 2012

there are many better online mp3 editing softwares…

    Sourojit Nandi - May 30, 2012

    We, will be glad if you mention the names of those applications here.. We will update our post if necessary…

      jogesh - June 1, 2012

      ‘coolmp3’ is my favorite offline mp3 cutter.

        Sourojit Nandi - June 2, 2012

        It is not a freeware I guess.

visionaspire - June 1, 2012

Right,Good to see these useful info here..Thanks a lot for sharing them with us….


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