Which is Cheapest & Reliable Online Bookstore Site in India?

cheapest online book stores in India

Online Bookstores in India have flooded like anything thanks to easy DIY eCommerce setup packages. Most importantly, the reason is tendency of people turning towards shopping books online at cheapest price without stepping out of home.

Just when you finished up reading the title of article, one name that may have clicked in your mind might be Flipkart, right?

This article is written to let you know about other online stores in India selling books and not just restricting yourself to some kart. Let’s begin with our list of Online Bookstores in India and thereby comparing to know which one offers cheapest price.

There are many reasons to list Flipkart at #1 including your trust on them. This includes Fastest Delivery sometime within 24 hours of ordering and the customer base especially for books is quite good offering genuine reviews on site itself. But Flipkart isn’t the cheapest option.

Next option to buy books online from reliable site would be HomeShop 18 at #2. No doubt, they are in shopping business from a long time but included Books recently. For any book I searched, HS 18 had the cheapest price online and that too with Free Home delivery without any condition.

Homeshop18 Books Review Online Bookstore India

Apart from this, it is receiving good reviews from customers (check out Facebook Thread) about their Free and Fast delivery with Cash on Delivery option.  Also, to delight their customers, Free goodies like pens, bookmarks and ‘thank you’ cards are shipped along with orders.

There is actually a tie between uRead and Infibeam for position #3 but I let Infibeam lead not just because it is an old player but also because of personal good shopping experiences with them. Infibeam has prices almost same as Flipkart though delivery might not be superfast.

Other Online Bookstores have been covered in form of table for reading ease and comparative decision.

List of Online Bookstores in India

Bookstore Shipping Comments
1. Flipkart Free above Rs. 200 else add Rs. 30 extra
Fastest Delivery
Most Reliable but not the cheapest.
Supefast* Delivery
2. HomeShop18 Free
Takes 2-3 days
Prompt Delivery,
Reputed Site.
3. Infibeam Free above Rs. 200 else add Rs. 30 extra Rated as Reputable and in the field from long time.
4. uRead Free above Rs. 100 else add Rs. 30 extra Embeds GoodRead reviews.
Books often Out of Stock*
5. IndiaTimes Free (Mostly) Bad Reputation
Slow Delivery
6. CrossWord Free Expensive!
7. IndiaPlaza Free
Late Delivery
Bad Reviews
8. Rediff Books Free Not Recommended
9. NBC India Free Shipping if total order amount exceeds Rs. 299 Add Rs. 49 otherwise. Way too Pricy!
10. BookAdda Free above Rs. 199 else add Rs. 30 extra Good Reviews.
11. Landmark On The Net Free Don’t Update Stock Regularly.
Fair Pricing.
12. Buy Books India Free Shipping above 200 Rs. Fair Pricing and Good Review.

Compare Prices of Online Bookstore in India

If price is the main concern, then here are two good services which lets you find the cheapest price for any book searching popular online bookstores in India.

1. Go to IndiaBookStore and enter the name of any book you want to purchase and search results shows its availability in various online book stores with prices. This makes finding cheapest option easy!

compare prices online bookstore

2. Another way to compare prices would be ISBN.net. Though, the site doesn’t have good visual interface but offers comparison of prices of major online bookstores in India.

http://isbn.net.in/ – Suffix this website address with a ISBN or EAN. That’s it.

This article is a result of personal experience and what I heard about these stores from others. And the comments made are according to the scenario at the time of writing this article. You experiences and views about the article and shopping sites are welcome in comments.

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Kalpesh joshi - July 7, 2012

Add Bookganga.com!

    Rohit Langde - July 8, 2012

    Wow Kalpesh, that’s a nice website mainly focused on regional books and magazine.
    Thanks for letting me know, will try them next time.

    Kalpesh joshi - July 8, 2012

    Can you tell me is ur blog hosted on WordPress!

Rohit - July 7, 2012

Homeshop18 is my favorite. They even deliver on COD to places where others don’t.

Ankur - July 7, 2012

I like flipkart and infibeam but when I came to know about homeshop18 selling books, i ditched them all. It gave best price and very prompt delivery. I got books next day only. Highly recommended.

Also, you missed out ebay india which also sells books now.

    Rohit Langde - July 8, 2012

    eBay India sells almost everything even a buffalo 😛
    I didn’t include them because everything depends on the seller you choose. It wouldn’t have been possible for me to give comments and review about them because each seller has their own conditions and shipping requirements.

Ankur - July 8, 2012

Lol, I really hope they dont sell buffalo 😛

Mr Invicto - July 13, 2012

Flipkart is quite expensive .. but their service is the best.

Shrey - July 16, 2012

Fantastic read. Flipkart is infact what comes to mind when ordering books online, but there are other good ecommerce portals as well. Good insights.


Gaurav - September 20, 2012

Thanks. Very informative post.

Bhavna Singh - March 7, 2013

Great Post !!! flipkart provides best services


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